Cartoon Network: Over the Garden Wall (DVD)

Cartoon Network’s “Over the Garden Wall” is a heartwarming and enchanting mini-series that captures the imagination of viewers young and old. Set in a mystical world, the story follows two brothers as they journey through a mysterious land known as The Unknown. With a plethora of strange and intriguing characters to meet, viewers are taken on a thrilling and emotional ride.

Now available on DVD, this mini-series is a must-have for any fan of Cartoon Network’s unique and innovative programming. With its blend of humor, heart, and stunning animation, “Over the Garden Wall” is an absolute gem that is sure to captivate anyone lucky enough to stumble upon it.

But what makes this mini-series so special? For one, it’s the brainchild of creator Patrick McHale, who also worked on shows like Adventure Time and Flapjack. McHale’s unique blend of humor and heartfelt storytelling is on full display in “Over the Garden Wall.”

The animation is also something to behold. The team behind the series has created a unique, otherworldly aesthetic that perfectly captures the whimsical and enchanting nature of the show. Whether it’s the vibrant colors, intricate character designs, or sweeping landscapes, there’s no denying that “Over the Garden Wall” is a visual feast.

And let’s not forget the music! With original songs by The Blasting Company, the series’ soundtrack is a delightful collection of folksy tunes that perfectly match the show’s tone and mood. It’s the kind of music that will have you humming along long after you’ve finished watching the mini-series.

But above all, the heart of “Over the Garden Wall” lies in its characters and story. From the clever and charming protagonist Wirt to his lovable and upbeat younger brother Greg, the characters are a delight to watch and root for. The story, meanwhile, is a poignant exploration of themes like identity, loss, and family. Viewers will find themselves invested in the brothers’ journey through The Unknown, eager to see how it all ends.

In short, “Over the Garden Wall” is a fantastic mini-series that deserves all the praise it’s received. And with its recent DVD release, now is the perfect time to experience it for yourself. So gather your loved ones, grab some popcorn, and prepare to be swept away on a magical adventure that you won’t soon forget.

Price: $14.97 - $9.99
(as of Apr 13,2023 12:24:11 UTC – Details)


Cartoon Network: Over the Garden Wall (DVD)

From creator Patrick McHale, one of the minds behind Adventure Time, comes Over the Garden Wall – Cartoon Networks first ever animated mini-series. Over the Garden Wall follows the story of two brothers, Greg and Wirt, who find themselves in a strange forest. Along the way, they meet a bluebird named Beatrice who helps them navigate the strange land in the hopes of making their way home.


Cartoon Network: Over the Garden Wall (DVD)
Cartoon Network: Over the Garden Wall (DVD)

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